Small Office Decorating Ideas To Maximize The Space

Published On: February 17, 2020

For many small offices, the question is not just how to make the office furniture layout work; it’s how to make it all work. when the office is cramped and narrow, choosing and arranging furniture can feel like an impossible math problem. The good news is that it’s possible to have a small office that can do it all and still feel spacious.

One key to maximizing the potential of an office is carefully selecting furnishings that fit the space and can serve multiple purposes. Another important part of the process is getting creative with your layout and finding ways to arrange your furniture to make use of every square foot, even those awkward corners. We’ve gathered the best small office ideas to help you make the most of your space. Read on to get style tips from the pros and find inspiration for your small space.

  • Accentuate the Office’s Best Features – Assessing the office’s assets and making those the focal point as much as possible is the best way to make the office appealing. If it’s got great light, play that up with lighter colors to create a sense of expansiveness.
  • Open up with a room with color -painting the office in a bright color such as white, beige, light green or yellow is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create the illusion of larger space.  Also, most people tend to perceive bright colors as positive, energizing and motivating. 
  • Scale down furniture – In a narrow office area, every piece of furniture matters. Choose leaner tables and wall sconce to save much-needed floor space. Consider wall-mounted shelves and a floating desk over bulky bookcases and workstations. For seating cubical workstations will be more suitable. If you can’t find the right size furniture, consider having it custom made. Every inch matter when you’re tight on space.
  • Get creative with the layout – Limited space challenges you to think beyond seating conventions. I like cubical workstations since they’re efficient, maximizing space and conversation areas. If the office is narrow but also long, I recommend placing liner workstations back-to-back to allow for more seating areas.
  • Take advantage of vertical space for storage – When choosing storage units and cabinets, think vertically. Up to the ceiling if necessary. In addition to helping you keep the office tidy and organized, storage units and cabinets that extend to the ceiling will also help you keep the office clean as they can accommodate more documents and other office materials than the conventional office storage solutions. And by doing so, they will create the illusion of larger space.
  • Use of décor to add visual interest – Having several different lighting sources at different heights will draw your eye to different areas of the office making it feel bigger and more interesting. Adding a larger attention-getter to balance scales, such as a piece of art or built-in bookshelves. Try an eye-catching gallery wall or artwork or add a bold accent wall or wallpaper.
  • Mirrors make all the difference – You would be surprised to see the effect a simple thing as a mirror can make. Besides creating the illusion of space, a mirror also makes the room brighter by reflecting light. In addition, mirrors also tend to be very decorative. But it’s crucial to select the right size mirror and install it in the right location.
  • Go minimalist with decoration – It’s highly desirable to make your office look as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible. But if you’re tight on space, you should go easy on decoration to avoid making the office feel cramped and consequently, look even smaller than it is. Keep only a few decorative items just to liven up space.
  • Keep the floor clear – It is integral to keep the office floor clear of unnecessary items. You are therefore recommended to keep the floor clear by providing enough storage space for office materials and employees’ belongings. Make sure you hide the cables under the floor and remove the carpet(s) and try to find space for things that don’t belong on the floor.
  • Keep the clutter at bay – Get rid of things you don’t need. Immediately! Also, keep the office materials in their place – ideally out of sight. And urge your employees to do the same. By keeping the clutter at bay, your office will not only look more organized and appealing but it will also appear more spacious.
  • Going wireless -By organizing those cables or better yet, choose wireless solutions wherever and whenever possible, your office will look neater, tidier and more organized. At the same time, it will also look bigger. This is because cables tend to create a cramped feeling, especially if running loose across the office. What is more, poorly organized cables pose a serious safety hazard? Wires can seem to take over the whole office and are a health and safety risk in themselves. By going as wireless as possible it reduces this eyesore and frees up space for other items. A wireless mouse, for example, allows employees to work without having to be mindful of other items on their desks.
  • Tables taking up too much space? – Desks are renowned for being bulky and taking up space. So, when looking at desks or work areas for your staff consider streamlining them or creating hot-desking areas. This will not only create extra space but will ensure that if you do have staff members out of the office, this desk space is utilized.

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