How To Choose An Interior Designer ?

Published On: June 6, 2020

interior designer

Most people start on a very enthusiastic note while building their homes, but soon tend to get exhausted and confused with the plethora of options available. An interior designer helps you to navigate through the process smoothly making your dream home. However, choosing the right Interior Designer can be a very daunting task but a very important one. That is why we present you a few steps that you should keep in mind while picking an Interior Designer.

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Look For Someone With Experience

The industry we are talking about involves learning through a lot of trial and error, that is why you should always go with someone who is experienced enough to guide you on the various nuances, and while it is very tempting to scroll through your Pinterest board and want it all, an interior designer will take you through the practical design solutions suited for your environment.

Identify Your Style

It is important to have a rough idea of what you need and what’s your style so that a designer knows what your taste is like and how to go about it. Because a space looks coherent and cohesive only when its various design elements are in sync with each other. If you are unsure of your style, you can also share your Pinterest boards with them to reach a common ground.

Go Through Portfolios First

Browse through the portfolios of different Interior Design firms after shortlisting them. Have a look at their past projects and see with whose style you connect with the most and imagine living in those spaces yourself.

Be Honest With Your Budget

It will be a huge bummer if you find yourself in a financial brunch midway of the project because you didn’t research enough for someone who fits your budget, to begin with. Chart out your budget beforehand and be very honest about it right from the beginning of the process so that financial constraints in later stages are ruled out.

Time – Scale

While shortlisting for a designer, always mention the time you are expecting to finish the project in. There can be a lot of challenges like they don’t have time on their schedule or you want to get it done right away. Therefore, it is better to get it cleared out.

Have An Open Mind

It will not always be the case that you and your designer are on the same page all the time. Even if both of you have the same style, you can disagree on a particular detail, but that does not mean you dismiss their suggestions. Keep an open mind while giving and receiving suggestions.

Communicate Effectively

Last but not the least, and possibly the most important step while choosing an interior designer for yourself is effective communication. Go for someone you are able to communicate openly because the effectiveness of the entire process depends upon how well you and the designer are exchanging each other’s thoughts. A good designer will never be tired of your questions and make you a part of the process.

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